Use the menu items on the request page on this website and the contact page to better inform us of what you are looking for.

We will contact you to discuss your request in detail, will also give you indications about how adding or removing or changing your request can change the price.

We will assign the right person or teams of musicians or experts that best suit your request and send you an offer for the services requested with a confirmation email together with a “Statement of Work” or Specification Document that describes the scope, approach, end deliverables,  number of revisions, and timeframe. This makes the task very clear for both sides, hence serving as the “baseline” for the agreement.

Once your payment is received, your order will start. (Please note that there will be no refund once an order has started, also, if the request is not deemed feasible, it may not be accepted).

Once the project is completed, you will receive the agreed deliverables.