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Peter Cleaver





Peter is a passionate music lover , a great music consultant and trusted advisor, and a producer with nearly 15 years of experience.

Peter’s main musical instruments are guitar and drums, and he focuses on all areas of music including Rock, Prog Rock, and Pop.


Peter is here to provide  musical advice to help better decide and define the direction you would like to go with your musical project. As a producer and musician, Peter can also help make and produce your music with top radio-ready quality.


Peter is an excellent music consultant and “listener and advisor”, with whom you can discuss your needs, ideas, and aspirations, and he will provide you the best advice that is fit for purpose.


For example, you can discuss your ideas about making a song, and Peter can provide you with excellent advice on how to best optimise the execution of your project, to achieve the goals and objectives you aspire to with minimized cost.




Here are some  samples of original musical work by Peter:


 Genius-City   (From Original Concept Album “Divine As Hell”)   


Silver Screen Daze  (From Original Concept Album “Divine As Hell”)       


(Production, Mix & Mastering)

(Production, Mix & Mastering)

Alan Proctor

Director of Music Education Services


Highly experienced music coach, and bass guitar player, and Principal at British School Of Rock 

Alan is a highly experienced musician with 17 years of experience in the music industry.


Alan obtained his music degree from the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) in Guildford, UK. Alan’s primary instrument is bass guitar and he is regularly involved with music tours and performs for various acts across the UK.


Alan has also played as session musician for recognised rock bands and artists in the UK and the continent and has performed as top venues such as NEC in Birmingham.

Alan is an inspirational music coach and leader, especially for children and youth.


He is the Principal of the British School Of Rock (BSOR) Twickenham, London, UK, leading a comprehensive team of young music coaches in vocals and various instruments.

Alan has an innovative approach to teaching music and has been greatly-recognised for inspiring youth to grow as musicians.


He has overseen the training and musical progression of hundreds of young students aged between 8 and 18 in recent years., and is highly popular with the students, parents, and his staff of musicians.


As a highly experienced music coach with great pedagogical skills especially for the children and youth, Alan is here to ensure to provide you with a tailor-made musical training curriculum best suited to your needs.



As a passionate and compassionate musician, Alan has also been involved in charity work , as well as in creating new music from conception to completion– the below link is for a song Alan helped create for Save The Children Charity:


Here are some  samples of original musical and
video created from start to finish by Sal:


Game Of Life (Children Charity Project for Save The Children)  

British School Of Rock Twickenham Children Training session

British School Of Rock Twickenham  Christmas Party 2019

Maria De Leon




special projects liaison and children’s coach

Maria studied at Surrey Art college and worked as PR manager at Artbase Netherlands, but works today as is a children’s coach and teacher.


Marisa is a highly passionate and positive person who thrives very well with children, and can energise them with great enthusiasm to create music and art.


If you should have requests from UKBOX that are tailor-made to your specific needs for example

       Themed Birthday parties

       Special children’s party with amazing and innovative music themes 

       Arranging a music-themed parties tailor-made to your requests

       Point of contact for motivating children in music

       Spanish and Latin theme parties and special projects


       *Spanish Conversation Online Lessons (Special additional service only provided by Maria)

       **Other special UKBOX projects: Say what is on your mind, Maria will do her best to help make it happen!




Vincent Rad

Video artist and video editing coach


kids peer contact and coach


 Vincent is the youngest member of the UKBOX team.


Despite being only 12, Vincent already has an impressive resume:


       A great video artist (Please see his sample work)

       Trained in guitar academically in Amsterdam and at Twickenham British School Of Rock (BSOR)

       Trained in vocals at Twickenham British School Of Rock (BSOR)

       Played “Danny Zuco” at the school’s production of the musical Grease

       A great dancer, well capable of doing Michael Jackson’s best moves

       2 standup comedy gigs in Amsterdam with fantastic reception as the only kid in adult’s standup comedy event

       Video Games Programmer

       Speaks 3 languages fluently


Vincent has a great passion in connecting with kids and energizing them.  He can help with the following:

       Making video’s and music videos

       Teaching kids video editing online



Vincent received a commission for his contributions, that goes directly to his college fund!


Here are some  samples of original video work by Vincent (Completely Copyrights laws adherent):

  Genius-City   (From Original Concept Album “Divine As Hell”)   


Silver Screen Daze  (From Original Concept Album “Divine As Hell”)       


(Production, Mix & Mastering)

Sal Noroozi





Sal is the founder and managing director for UKBOX.

Sal is a multilingual  consultant, who is also a greatly passionate music lover who has written several original songs, mainly Rock or Prog Rock, but also music for children.

Sal is here to make sure that as a client, you will receive the very best that UKBOX has to offer for the best end product that also suits your needs most, and at a price that is also tailor- made for your needs and goals.


Here are some  samples of original musical and
video created from start to finish by Sal:


One I’ed King (From Original Concept Album “Divine As Hell”) 

Illusion’s Architects (From Original Concept Album “Divine As Hell”)

Divine As Hell (From Original Concept Album “Divine As Hell”)

Genius-City (From Original Concept Album “Divine As Hell”)

Enlightened Dimension (From Original Concept Album “Divine As Hell”)

Silver Screen Daze (From Original Concept Album “Divine As Hell”)